What our customers want to know

Do you provide emergency service?

Yes, please contact with all your service and repair requirements.

Do you offer free inspection and analysis?

We offer free diagnostic support over the phone, but most cases will require a service call to properly identify problems and corrective action.

Is repairing an old machine really a good investment?

Absolutely! Old machines can be updated and repaired back to OEM specs so that it can continue its productivity.

Do you offer a service warranty?

All of our workmanship activities are covered by warranty for 180 days when MTF service recommendations are followed.

How can I send my machine to MTF?

MTF is prepared to transport your machine by the most convenient and economical method available.

What type of machine repairs would you say are your specialty (Industrial CNC, woodworking, metalworking, etc.)?

We work mainly on metalworking machinery, of which there is an abundance in the region.
We do repair a small amount of woodworking equipment.